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Jordan Dairy Farm

51 Muschopauge Road • Rutland, MA 01543

Jordan Dairy Farm has been in business since 1941 at its present location, the geographical center of the state, Rutland, Massachusetts.

Howard Jordan moved the Jordan Farm from its’ small location in Holden to the current farm in Rutland.  Howard worked side by side with his two sons Warren and Wayne.  Sixty years later, Wayne and Warren are working the same farm along with Wayne’s two sons Randy and Brian.  Approximately 5 years ago, Randy became President of the Corporation and Brian is Treasurer.  We make top quality milk and an average of 23,000 lbs. of milk is shipped daily through the Dairylee Corporation.

The farm has seen tremendous changes in the past sixty years.  We are currently milking 375 Holstein cows, averaging around 80 pounds per cow per day.  We also have approximately 325 young stock.  We raise our own corn, hay and corn silage on over 350 acres with some rented land.

As we grow with the number of animals, we are also growing in our open space at the home farm.  In 2009, Randy and Brian decided to invest in a nearby Dairy Farm whose owners had decided to move out of state to farm.  The Jordan’s are now renting 400 acres and are maintaining several barns that are holding the Jordan’s young stock.

Two years ago, we built a new freestall barn.  Some people refer to this barn as a country club for cows.   The barn was built to help save labor as well as to increase cow comfort.  This also increases our bottom line.  The Jordan’s main objective is to maintain a dairy operation utilizing the most technological advancements.

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